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Murat Dzhusupov (Russia, Novosibirsk).

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Here is what "YGS Virtual Piano" it offers:

  1. "YGS Virtual Piano" is musical instrument on your PC and virtual midi keyboard. It will be useful to the musician in the most various situations (for example to tune musical instrument, to find the key of the heard music, to sound lessons of the musical school, etc.). This program in aggregate with a video projector will allow to explain effectively something for the big audience of pupils of musical schools, colleges and conservatories.
  2. The program allows to create and store a collection of the favourite timbres based on possibilities of a midi-synthesizer of a sound card as file collection. Each timbre can be set from one or several various on loudness and transposition timbres (it can be multilayer and consist of 1...16 single voices).
  3. The virtual piano in aggregate with the external midi-keyboard is like program sound module. In this new version you can play on PC keyboard and quickly transpose sound (Quick transposition is available in registered copy of program, but you can transpose sound in Menu -> Edit Voice). You can create new sound files (*.vpiano) or download them on this page.
  4. The program can be used free with little restrictions all the time (no trial period). In the future versions more difficult management of timbres (division of the keyboard into zones, management of dynamic characteristics of various layers of a sound, etc.) is planned. Author of this program — professional musician Murat Dzhusupov from Novosibirsk (Russia).


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