The best cheap TV deals for May 2018 - 4K TVs for less

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With Memorial Day just around the corner, this week is a great time to get a deal on on a 4K TV. We've searched high and low to find you the best TV deals, may of which are the lowest prices we've ever seen. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for your first 4K TV to be the centerpiece of your home theater system, a second smaller set for the bedroom, or to upgrade from your current 4K TV, you will find plenty of great options.

This week's highlights include a 55-inch 4K TV for only $250 and and many big TVs bundled with gift cards. If you're looking for something a little more impressive, we've dug up some great prices on OLED TVs.

Check out our carefully curated selection of deals below. We've divided them into different size categories immediately after our pick for cheap TV deal of the week. Towards the bottom of the page, you'll also find our favorite HDTV (non-4K model), although these days you really don't have to pay much more to get a ultra HD set instead. If you're after the hottest tech in TV though, you may want to take a look at the cheapest OLED TV prices.

Whether you want a small TV with a price tag to match or features like HDR and IPS, we've found plenty of options. Read on to find the TV you want at a great price!

Sceptre 55" 4K TV

TechRadar's cheap 4K TV deal of the week

Sceptre 55-inch U550CV-U 4K TV | Now $249.99 | Walmart
Not that long ago, we would never expect to see a 55" 4K TV for this price outside of a Black Friday doorbuster, yet here it is. You're not going to get features like Smart TV or HDR, but if you're looking for a basic midsize TV as your entry way into 4k, this is an inexpensive option. At this price, what do you have to lose? 

Cheap TV deals (40- to 49-inch):

Hisense 49H6E 49-inch 4K Smart TV | Now $219.99 | Walmart
Hisense has come to be known for giving you a lot for a little, and such is the case with this midsize television. Not only do you get Smart TV capabilities, but HDR for a great picture, and for just over $200!View Deal

TCL 43UP130 43-inch 4K Roku Smart TV | Now $299.99 | Jet
If you're looking to cut the cable cord, this Roku TV's user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate streaming options. Even better, Jet sells it for only $300, the lowest price available.View Deal

LG 49UJ6300 49-inch 4K Smart TV with $150 Dell gift card | Now $399.99 | Dell Home
One of Dell's Memorial Day sales, this set would make a great second/bedroom TV. And at a net price of $250 when you factor in the gift card, it's about $110 cheaper than what it goes for at other stores.View Deal

Sony Bravia KD-43X720E 43-inch 4K Smart TV with $100 Dell gift Card | Now $498 | Dell Home
What this TV may lack in size it makes up for in features like HDR and Smart TV capabilities. And while Dell sells it for about the same price as other retailers, it throws in a $100 gift card, for a net price of $398 that can't be beat.View Deal

Cheap TV deals (50- to 59-inch):

TCL 55R617 55-inch Roku Smart 4K TV | Now $649.97 | Amazon
Part of TCL's 6 series that we think are some of the best value-per-dollar TVs, this 55-inch set has 96 Contrast Control zones and HDR Pro Gamma. Better yet, this is the lowest price we could find for this set.View Deal

Vizio D50-E1 50-inch 4K Smart TV with $150 Dell gift card | Now $449.99 | Dell Home
Vizio TVs have always been known for giving you a lot of bang for your buck, but when you throw in $150 gift card, this deal sells itself. This 50-inch set comes with Smart TV capabilities so you can also save money by cutting the cable cord.View Deal

Samsung UN58MU6070 58" 4K Smart TV | Now $528 | Walmart
Can't decide between a 55-inch TV and a 60-inch TV? Here's a 58-inch set. At just $528, it is nearly $200 less than what other stores like Best Buy charge. And it comes with Smart TV capabilities in case you're looking to cut the cable cord.
View Deal

LG 55UK7700PUD 55-inch 4K Smart TV | Now $747 | Abt Electronics
One of LG's AI ThinQ line, this 55-inch set has Google Assistant built in. It also comes with HDR and LG's Nano Cell technology to ensure high picture quality. Better yet, this Memorial Day deal, which you get by applying coupon code " MEMDAYSAVE50", is $50 cheaper than what you'll find elsewhere.View Deal

LG OLED55B7A 55-inch OLED 4K Smart TV | Now $1,499 | Dell Home
Our pick for 2017's best entry-level 55-inch OLED TV, this LG set features Dolby Vision HDR as well as Smart TV capabilities. Even better, Dell is currently selling it for $800 off list price.View Deal

Cheap TV deals (60- to 85-inch):

Vizio E65-E1 65-inch 4K Smart Home Theater Display | Now $579.99 | Walmart
A big cord-cutter, this Vizio display comes with built-in Chromecast, as well as features like HDR and Vizio's XLED local-dimming to ensure a good picture. Even better, its price has dropped by $20 in the last couple week to about $120 less than what Walmart's competitors charge.View Deal

LG 65UJ6300 65-inch 4K Smart TV with $150 Dell gift card | Now $799.99 | Dell Small Business
With both HDR and IPS, this LG set will look great from every angle. Your bank account will look good too with the money you saved as Dell sells this TV bundle with a $150 gift card for the same price most stores charge without a gift card.View Deal

Vizio D70-F3 70-inch 4K Smart TV | Now $898 | Walmart
Part of Vizio's new D series, this 70-inch set gives you a lot of quality square-inches for your dollar. Even better, it's about $100 less than what other stores charge. It comes with HDR, built-in Chromecast, and 120Hz refresh rate, among other features.View Deal

Vizio E70-E3 70-inch 4K Smart Home Theater Display | $998 | Walmart
Equipped with Vizio XLED local dimming technology as well as HDR and built-in Chromecast, this set gives you a lot of TV for your money. At $998, it's about $100 less than what other stores charge.View Deal

Sceptre U750CV-U 75-inch 4K TV | Now $999.99 | Walmart
If size is of the utmost importance, but you don't want an equally large price tag, here's an affordable 75-inch option. At this price, you won't get a lot of features, but you will get a lot of square-inches. And Walmart is selling it for $800 off list price.View Deal

Sony KD70X690E 70-inch 4K Smart TV | Now $1,198 | Amazon
If you want to combine size with picture quality, then this 70-inch set from Sony is a good way to go. It features HDR to ensure picture clarity and Smart TV capabilities so you'll be able to stream all your favorite shows straight out of the box. Plus, Amazon has it for $300 off list price.View Deal

LG 75UK6570PUB 75-inch 4K Smart TV | Now $1,249 | BuyDig via eBay
Another of LG's ThinQ Google Assistant-equipped sets, this TV combines size with Smart technology. Better yet, it's more than $900 off list price. Other features include Active HDR and Ultra Surround sound.View Deal

Sony 65X930E 65-inch 4K Smart TV with $500 Dell gift card | Now $1,998 | Dell Home
Powered by Sony's X1 Extreme processor and featuring HDR, this TV delivers all your content in incredible detail. And right now you get a $500 gift card for the same price that other stores charge without one.View Deal

Vizio E80-E3 80-inch Smart XLED 4K Home Theater Display | Now $2,598 | Walmart
Want a really big TV? It doesn't get much bigger than this XL set. It doesn't have a tuner (hence the "home theater display" designation), but it comes with Smart TV capabilities. Even better, it's $250 less than what you find it going for elsewhere.View Deal

Not found the right cheap TV for you today? Or maybe you'd prefer to directly browse the TVs at your favourite retailers instead of our highlights of the best cheap TV deals? We're updating this page on a regular basis, so you may have better look another day. If you want to take a look for yourself now though, here are the direct links to a the full collection of TV deals at multiple stores. 

TCL 40S305

The best cheap HD TV deal

TCL 40S305 40-inch 1080p Roku TV | $229.99 | Amazon
We realize that not everyone may need or want a 4K TV, and a 1080p TV is still more than capable than delivering an astounding picture. This TV is only $230, making it very easy on your wallet, and it comes with built-in Roku Smart TV capabilities!