Amazon Prime Day surely can't beat these PlayStation VR deals?

playstation vr amazon prime day

We all know the feeling. Amazon Prime Day is less than a month away now, which usually puts us on high alert for paying more than we should for our next big tech purchase. But in all honesty, we think these new PlayStation VR bundles are at an unbeatable price right now.

Ready for Prime Day?

There will of course be plenty of other deals on a huge range of items on Prime Day 2018. To find out what sort of bargains to expect, along with dates and times to get the best deals be sure to check out our guide to Amazon Prime Day 2018.

Sony is currently pushing a Days of Play sale in the US and UK right now with the cheapest PlayStation VR deals we've ever seen. These excellent offers are only available until June 18, so we wouldn't think on them for too long. When looking at the low prices below, consider this; the headset alone used to cost $399/£349 at launch and now you can get it with the essential camera and games from as little as $199/£199. 

While we do of course expect some excellent gaming deals on Amazon Prime Day, we don't see them getting better than the ones below. And these prices aren't just limited to Amazon either, so you've got a wider choice of retailers to choose from. One or two of the bundles might be available for the same price (or close to it) on Prime Day, but it'll be a while until we see this many offers available at such a low price. Black Friday 2018 at the earliest. And that's an awful long time to wait to enjoy the likes of Resident Evil 7, Wipeout Omega Collection, Skyrim VR, Doom VR, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and many more.

PlayStation VR bundles (USA)

PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | Doom VFR | $199.99 at Walmart
Now $100 cheaper! These PSVR bundles include the brand new CUH-ZVR2 version with the in-ear headphones built into the headset rather than the cable. The cable itself is lighter than the original and the passthrough box can now display HDR images on your 4K TV, so you won't need to mess around with swapping HDMI cables when not using the VR headset. While not worth an upgrade if you own the original model, it's certainly the one to go for for first-time buyers while it's on offer like today.
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PlayStation VR | GT Sport | PS4 camera | $248.99 at Walmart
GT Sport and PlayStation VR are a great match, especially if you're a fan of using the in-car viewpoint. How else are you going to enjoy those lovingly recreated interiors? We're stoked to see this PlayStation VR bundle deal include the camera too. Especially as you need it to get the PSVR headset working in the first place!
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | Skyrim VR | 2 Move controllers | $289.99 at Walmart
You're also getting the newer CUH-ZVR2 model (see above for details) in these bundles. This PlayStation VR bundle comes with everything you need for the full on VR experience with the headset, camera and two PlayStation Move motion controllers. You can then get stuck in with those controllers to enjoy Skyrim VR the way it was intended.
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PlayStation VR bundles (UK)

PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | VR Worlds | 2 Move controllers | +1 more game | £249.99 at Argos
This is arguably the best PlayStation VR bundle of the sale as you're also getting the PS Move controllers at a discount. In addition to VR Worlds you can also add another free game from a list including Superhot VR, Driveclub VR, Bravo Team, Wipeout, Farpoint, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood or its prequel The Inpatient.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | Aim controller | Farpoint | VR Worlds | £239 at
It's hard to believe that the PSVR headset alone originally cost £350. And now you can get it with all these extras too for a staggering £239. We've seen the Farpoint and its Aim controller go for over £100 on ebay, so this is an absolute steal.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | VR Worlds | + Farpoint or Driveclub VR or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood | £199.99 at Argos
Argos has a great selection of games to choose from with this PlayStation VR bundle, so we'd take advantage of the sub-£200 offer while you can.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | Bravo Team | £199.99 at Amazon
This is the best PSVR deal we've ever seen that includes Bravo Team - Sony's newest PSVR shooter. You're also getting the immensely fun VR Worlds along with the headset and camera. All for under £200.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | Resident Evil 7 | £219 at
This PlayStation VR bundle includes the fun collection of minigames, VR Worlds, and the brilliantly unpleasant Resident Evil 7. If you're into horror experiences in games or movies, then this is an absolute must for PSVR.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | VR Worlds | Wipeout Omega | £199.99 at Argos
This excellent PSVR bundle comes with the freshly updated Wipeout Omega Collection, making the game playable in virtual reality. Get ready to witness some serious speed folks. A fantastic deal under £200!
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | 2 Move controllers | VR Worlds | Doom | £249.99 at Very
Not many bundles include the PlayStation Move controllers too at the moment and both of these games greatly benefit from the motion controllers.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | VR Worlds | GT Sport | £199.99 at Currys
Currys has one of the best PlayStation VR bundle deals available this week and you're getting two excellent games too. VR Worlds is an ace collection of minigames and GT Sport is a must for racing fans keen on enjoying the driver's point of view in more immersive detail than ever before.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 Camera | Doom VFR | VR Worlds | £209.99 at Amazon
This starter PSVR bundle comes with everything you need to dive face-first into VR on your PS4. Doom VFR works surprisingly well as a virtual reality experience and isn't just a rehash of the 2016 game. The headset alone was £350 not so long ago.
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PlayStation VR | PS4 camera | VR Worlds | Skyrim VR | £214.99 at Argos
Finally, a decent discount again! This has been £375 for ages so we'd jump at the chance at this price if you've been holding off picking up a PlayStation VR bundle. Skyrim VR is one of the best long-players in VR and essential for fantasy RPG fans.
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